Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Servant Leadership continued

Here are some additional distinctions between servant leaders and leader-men, specifically relating to the home.

LeaderMan: Reiterates his authoritative position in the home
Servant Leader: Earns with his actions and love for his wife the respect as the authority of his home


LeaderMan: Puts "the ministry of the church" at the premium in his life and family
Servant Leader: Realizes that his family is his first ministry, and is faithful at home first.


LeaderMan: Ignores his faults while focusing on his strengths
Servant Leader: Admits mistakes, and takes full responsibility for them


LeaderMan: Wants other family relatives and his church to think well of his home.
Servant Leader: Answers only to God for the direction of his home, regardless of others opinions.


LeaderMan: As part of his job, tries to make life fair and easy for his children
Servant Leader: Teaches his children the truth about life, and makes them grow up understanding concepts like unfairness, wrongdoing, forgiveness, repentance, diligence, and determination.

Just a few more thoughts about servant leadership as it relates to a home. Hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Servant Leadership

Everyone has at one point in his/her life come across someone that they consider a leader. But being a leader is a completely different ballgame. You'll see that the very moment that you're expected to be a leader. But how you handle that expectation is very telling as to what kind of leader you are. In my experience, there is two types of leaders. Servant Leaders, and LeaderMen. Leadermen are a dime a dozen, while Servant Leaders are very, very rare. Below are some distinctions between the two. These are in reference to a Pastor:

Servant Leader:  Has something to say
LeaderMan:  Wants a platform on which to say something
LeaderMan:  You almost feel you know his family, because he's your Leader
Servant Leader:  You allow him to influence you, because you know his family
LeaderMan: Wants you to know he's a Leader
Servant Leader:  Doesn't have to act like he's a leader
LeaderMan:  Loves the idea of The Church
Servant Leader: Loves God and the actual individual people God brings across his path
LeaderMan:  A great speaker, but self-described as, "Not really a people person."
Servant Leader:  Makes himself a people person
LeaderMan:  Helps you find where God is leading you in his organization
Servant Leader:  Helps you find where God is leading you
LeaderMan:  Gets together with you to talk about his vision
Servant Leader:  Gets together with you to talk about your vision
LeaderMan:  Resents "sheep stealing"
Servant Leader:  Doesn't get the "stealing" part, since he doesn't own anyone to begin with
LeaderMan:  Wants the right people on the bus
Servant Leader:  Wants to sit next to you on it
Servant Leader:  Shows you his whole heart
LeaderMan:  Shows you a flow chart
LeaderMan:  A visionary who knows what the future looks like
Servant Leader:  Knows what your kitchen looks like
LeaderMan:  Excellence, Excellence, Excellence!
Servant Leader:  Meekness, Love, Grace, Charity.
LeaderMan:  Talks about confronting one another in love
Servant Leader:  Actually confronts you in love
LeaderMan:  Impressed by success and successful people
Servant Leader:  Impressed by faithfulness
LeaderMan:  Invests time in you, if you are "key people"
Servant Leader:  Invests time with you, and shows you in actions that he loves you
LeaderMan:  Reveals sins of his past
Servant Leader:  Reveals sins of his past and present
LeaderMan:  Gives you things to do
Servant Leader:  Gives you freedom to do what's right
LeaderMan:  Leads because of official position
Servant Leader:  Leads in spite of position
LeaderMan:  Deep down, threatened by other Leaders
Servant Leader:  Has nothing to lose

Thankfully, I can say that my Pastor is a Servant Leader! If you have a Servant Leader for a Pastor, you had better thank the Lord every day. 

Next time, I'll do some distinctions between Servant Leaders and LeaderMen in the home.