Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is this my blog?

I just ran across a link in my favorites, and I realized it was a blog link. No sooner had I clicked on it than it asked me to sign in. After putting in my usual username and password, it took me to a blog dashboard, and I wondered to myself if this was my blog. Indeed, it was! It had my picture, my information, even some interesting information about myself on the profile. Yes, this was surely mine!

You probably know that the first paragraph I was being sarcastic. But yes, it has been so long, that I almost forgot I had one--or two for that matter! So here I am, offering my deepest apologies for being so absent. I have been incredibly busy for a while. Life speeds up so fast as you get older. Indeed, much has happened.

I have started my second semester of college, and boy has it already been a ride. I preached at Bro. Charlie Andrews' youth rally in January, and this last week, our family went to the funeral of Dr. Homer Smith. So, like I said, much has happened. If you would like to hear the messages from the youth rally, click here:^Maynard

Again, I've been busy in many things, but I look forward to getting back to the blog(s) as much as I can. If you'd like to know how I am, this is the blog to watch for. My other blog is strictly political, and you can find it on the sidebar. I will be posting there from time to time as well, Lord willing.

In Christ Alone,