Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Bra'very, n: Courage; heroism; undaunted spirit; intrepidity; gallantry; fearlessness of danger; often united with generosity or dignity of mind which despises meanness and cruelty, and disdains to take advantage of a vanquished enemy.

"Be brave!" I was 7...maybe 8 when I recall hearing this phrase. My father was hosting a Maynard house boxing show, with half the neighborhood in our livingroom. Friday night fights had nothing on this! Punches flying, faces and heads getting hit, and everyone, including the ones boxing, having a blast! 

But I had some growing up to do. You see, boxing is not very fair...especially when you get hit a lot. That was me. I got hit more than a lot! If someone was bleeding, it was me. If anyone got injured, it was going to be me. If anyone was ready to quit, count on it--it was me. 

I sometimes felt like quitting. The punches hurt, and the fatigue can wear you down. "Be brave!" That was my dad's phrase...and it was like pumping me with an energy boost! I was ready to go when I heard those words.

I didn't realize how much boxing was like life...

"Be brave!"

It was that a kid, that's all I needed to hear. But in boxing, and in life, it's easier said than done. I wonder how many children are told that they need to be brave?! I know they do not know the importance of the concept.

But there are only three things that keep you going, whether you are in the ring, or in life. And they are real simple.

1. Be able to take a punch.

Throwing punches is great, but if you can't take one, you're sunk! You have to be able to bite a few punches real good, and still keep fighting! Life punches you! If you've lived life for any length, you'll see that. Everybody wants to throw punches at the enemy, because it's fun, and we like throwing punches, but it's when the punches hit us square in the face that we begin to rethink our dedication to the fight. "Be brave!" Take a punch, and keep fighting. If you can't, you won't last long.

2. Want to fight

You will flame out REAL fast if you don't want to fight. I can't tell you how many kids I've seen with a ton of potential that never get out of the starting bell 10 seconds because they don't want anything to do with the fight. When living for God, you have to want it! If you don't desire this fight, it will spew you out before you ever throw one punch! If you don't want it, then you definitely won't take a punch well. In fact, the first punch will send you to the floor, KO'd, because if you don't want to fight, you just won't. (Didn't I say this was simple?)

3. Have the right people in your corner

This is the most important concept, whether boxing or living for God. I would've fallen long ago, in the boxing ring and in my life, had it not been for having the right people in my corner. God is in my corner. My parents are in my corner. If I only ever had God, that would be enough to last the fight, but I have more. In addition to my parents, I have other friends...notice I didn't say my corner. You can't have your buddies in your corner. All they will do is distract you. You need God, your family, and good solid people who have your best interest at heart and have proven that they will stick with you. Otherwise, clean your corner out. Get God in there, first of all, and then get your corner full of people that can truly help you stay in the fight. Buddies will say, "Have fun!" while the right people will say, "Be brave!"

I have a good corner, and thanks to them, I love this fight, and I've learned to take some hits. Loving the fight helps you take some hits. And when you start to really hurt, your corner comes through to encourage you to "Be brave!" 

We need some brave individuals. We need some people who aren't looking for a reason to bail out of the fight. We need some people to realize who should really be in their corner! 

And when you have those three things...jump in the ring, and "BE BRAVE!"

Monday, May 17, 2010

What has happened...

There is no easy way to write this post, as a lot of things that I simply do not have the time to tell about have occurred. First, my brother, Russell, got married to Hannah a month ago today. You can check out some pics at:

Then, I finished my freshman year 2 weeks ago. I have much to do this summer, as I plan on making some extra cash as well as stay busy around here at the academy. I am looking forward to a much needed break, though. I need to breathe deep for a while...

So, I've been doing the things that I love for the last two weeks...spending time with family, working at the academy, working out (HOOYAH!), and best of all, spending more time with the Lord, and THAT has been truly amazing! Isn't our Lord wonderful? He is truly altogether lovely!

I sat in church last night as my dad preached about thanksgiving and that we should think more on what we have to be thankful for, and I realized how much I have to be thankful for...and then after the preaching, during the invitation, members of our church just went to one another and told their brethren and sisters how much they appreciated them. You know, we all have people in our lives that we would simply not be the same without, and it is good for us to let those people know every once in a while how much we appreciate and love them. Last night, our entire church broke into a semi-frenzy of people wandering about, expressing their love and thankfulness to people who mean a lot to them. And it was good. Good for our church. Good for our hearts.

You see, sin can rip through a place, the devil can use people to divide, and false brethren can hurt...but true love still prevails!

I encourage you to do the same...find someone who mean alot to you and tell them so. You will be glad you did, and it will be healthy for you both!

Well, a pointless post is better than no post, so there you have it! LOL

I did want to let you all know what's been going on with me. Later, I plan on writing some posts about ideas that have been around for a long time and I haven't got to. But, thanks to summer, I'll have a little more time. Till next time.